Partner Program

The Cohereum Partner Program enables accredited partners to
provide custom AI solutions to clients.

the cohereum difference

Add AI to your portfolio and leverage
the power of Cohereum platform!

Extract the value of data and do more with your existing resources – the platform enables partners to understand
the problems that can be solved with AI/ML.

Superior machine Learning Models

Cohereum leverages the world’s best Machine Learning models – and our algorithm constantly improves these models to create even more value for your clients. Our AI ”incubator” is the key and will be used to deploy and solve your client’s business problems.

Faster execution through Automation

Cohereum has automated and codified the creation of Machine Learning solutions.

IN collaboration with Cohereum, your team can:

  • Identify potential machine learning problems
  • Rapidly quantify and prioritize their potential impact
  • Assemble and test the solution
  • Rapidly implement at enterprise scale

What before took months of work can now be done in days!

Partner with world-class experts

Cohereum’s experts in AI, Machine Learning, solution design and implementation will support you to solve your AI problems. Our goal is to connect your data science and analysis teams with best-in-class tools and expertise to drive business value.



For Data Scientists & teams that implement Data Science solutions

Deliver Machine Learning powered consulting engagements faster – implementation in days instead of weeks or months.

Spend more time on consulting engagements dealing with the problem, not the manual work of designing & implementing models.

For Consultants or Service Providers that can expand their business with ML

Expand into new revenue streams – develop new product offerings to target existing or new customer segments based on Cohereum technology.

For Business Leaders

Transform the approach to AI – leverage Cohereum’s groundbreaking technology to offer unique AI/Machine Learning solutions for clients.

Deliver best-in-class solutions with the Cohereum platform!

Partnership Explained

Each partner will be trained and certified, ensuring full capability to leverage the strength of the Cohereum platform, and will have access to our partner forum where key resources are available. We will regularly send out updates with new business cases, sales and marketing tools, as well as cutting edge technology that can be leveraged with clients.

Training and Support

Access our rich online training compendium anywhere, anytime. With live team training, – questions can be answered directly and a live demonstration of the Cohereum platform gives you confidence.

Each trained, certified partner will have the right to use the Cohereum logo in their marketing materials.

Fuel Your Growth

Our marketing team will ensure you have what it takes to effectively promote AI within your business from presentations, blog posts and customer testimonials. We regularly update and renew our material to ensure innovative communications.

Cohereum as partner

The team at Cohereum is with you every step of the way –  when an opportunity is identified, Cohereum takes over and ensures a smooth and trouble free process. We take care to ensure that objectives are met and in line with your clients needs.

Help to Develop your AI Business

The Partner Program links partners across the globe to create a valuable network for inspiration and learning.

Newsletters highlighting developments and trends in AI keep you up-to-date.

As our AI platform evolves, we will keep you apprised of new features and improvements.


Use Cases

Automatically asses the qulity of granite countertops early for a manufacturer

Avoid expensive processing of poor quality materials, improve output quality
Automatically generate and score high quality test questions in education

Reduce reliance on human question generators, improve student outcomes
Identify and read license plates among many large images for law

Launch new products which the internal team could not develop
Find the optimal length of processed lumber to drive profitability in agriculture

Optimize revenue, processing cost and transport cost
Predicting patient volume & length of stay in healthcare

Optimize hospital bed utilization and improve patient care
Predict likelihood of online shoppers to return goods in retail

Optimize delivery pricing and accurately forecast operating costs

Become A Partner

Fill out this quick form and let us know why you would like to partner with us!

We will be in touch to arrange a time to review the program and discuss how we can create a custom solution for your AI needs.